Monday, June 29, 2009

another update

I'm really tired today, so please forgive me if this isn't clear or inclusive. Things are going really well today and I'm making some great improvements. I had my second visit the Physical Therapist today. She's really great. During the first visit she had me up trying to walk and switched me to a walker versus my canes. I still couldn't lift my feet up due to the numbness and sudden weakness. But today, I showed a lot of improvement. The numbness on the left is from ankle down now and on the right, I can use my knee again. I'm lifting my feet a bit when walking and am strong enough to start using forearm crutches. My pain level is also improving. I'm still doing IV pain medicine, but so far today I've only had one dose and am trying to tough it out until after dinner for the second one. I noticed that it was causing nausea, so it's best to take it after I eat instead of before. Oh, it also makes me incredibly loopy, so I try to take it when no one is going to talk to me (like at night).

Now the bad news. I started the steroids today and am having the same reaction. It's not as bad as before, but there is noticeable discomfort in my stomach. I also completely forgot about the metallic taste it leaves in my mouth and didn't get any mints or candies. I think I can tough it out, but it's kind of disgusting. Despite the adverse reaction, I'm going to stick to the treatment plan and hopefully I'll see more improvement in my body over the next few days.

I'm really hoping to feel better by Wednesday so I can avoid doing the inpatient rehab program they are trying to set me up for. I know it's a good thing and can greatly improve my abilities, but our wedding is less than 3 weeks away and I can't see myself being in a hospital until the last few days before the ceremony. Everyone keeps saying that I should just rest and do the program, but I'm really hands on and want to go to all the meetings and prepare the favors. We'll see what happens.

OK and the neuro, Dr. C just came in to check on me. She doesn't want me to take the bladder pills anymore because they put me at higher risk for bladder infections. Which, although they initially thought I had, I have actually never had a bladder infection. Fuck. This makes me really sad. The blue pills were my last hope before diapers or Poise pads and now I'm just being told to take my chances. I'm not happy about this at all. She also doesn't know when I might get discharged or sent to the rehab facility or what. She just said it could happen tomorrow or Thursday or never. I guess I need to be patient, go with the flow, and try to rest and heal.

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