Friday, June 12, 2009

I'm tired

I've been trying to get a nap in the past few days to try to tackle this fatigue, but it isn't working. Even though I'm now sleeping through the night and taking a nap during the day, I'm just as tired as always. It sucks. Right now all I want to do is sleep until Sunday, but I have plans tonight and stuff to do tomorrow. But the frustrating thing is that even if I did sleep until Sunday, I would still wake up exhausted and ready to go back to sleep. So, I get to make a choice, cancel tonight's plans, sleep, and still be tired or go out, have fun with friends, and still be tired. Obviously, I'm going out.

I just had to come here and complain for a moment. I'm trying so hard to be good and rest up, but it isn't working. I really thought I'd reach a point where I would start to feel better, but it feels like my wheels are spinning. I keep thinking, "It's only fatigue, why can't I push through this?" Gaaaaahhhh!!! I'm so frustrated.

Today has also been a day of numbness and tingling. Per usual, my feet are numb and I have pins and needles running up both legs, which is made worse by moving my legs. This could be walking, sitting down, or even adjusting my position while in bed. It sucks. Thankfully it's not leg pain, but when coupled with the fatigue it's making me feel incredibly run down. And by the way, I still can't see out of my right eye and my stomach has not healed. Today is pretty shitty. Thank you for letting me whine.

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