Monday, June 1, 2009

Optic Neuritis

First, I want to say a big thank you to everyone who sent me messages and emails today. I really appreciate all the kind words and thoughts.

Dr. Friedberg confirmed that I have optic neuritis and that it is the reason I have no peripheral vision in my left eye. The good news is that we caught it early and I should make a full recovery. All I have to do is take oral Prednisone (a corticosteroid) for 6 days and rest. That's it. I already took the first dose (6- 10 mg tablets) and I step down from there until the last day when I take just one pill. He's hoping that this dosing method will help me avoid the multitude of side-effects. As always, I resisted the prescription, but I knew he was hesitant about putting me on them anyway so I feel comfortable. He did say that it can clear up without treatment, but with my history and the fact that I never fully healed on the left, he doesn't want to chance it. I agree with him. He also gave me something for sleeping and some eye drops since my eye is red from me trying to rub off the blindspot.

I'm really happy knowing that my vision should improve, but I can't help being really angry that they didn't figure this out 4 years ago. I also realized earlier that they did a MRI back then and told me it was clear. I'm starting to think that somebody screwed up and you better believe I'm on the case. Everyone I called was trying to be difficult and evasive, but they don't realize that all I have is time. Dr. F's office staff is also trying to get all my records and a copy of the films, because even though it won't have much bearing on my future treatment, it will answer a lot of questions.


  1. I'm glad that your current doctor is on the case. I just wanted to reiterate that I work only a few blocks away and often park my car on Jackson so if you ever need anything during the day, please feel free to call. I'm rarely too busy to run some errands while at work.


  2. Hi Latonya,

    I'll let you know if I need anything. Thanks.