Tuesday, June 9, 2009

No more steroids, ever

Last night, after I finished my post, I got really sick. My stomach became really upset and I was having the most excruciating burning and aching. From there, I started having intermittent heart racing, an intense headache, jaw pain, and a whole lot of anxiety. I was really afraid. I called the Betanurse and she suggested I call my neuro immediately, though I don't think she understood that if I could call my neuro I would be calling her. She just frustrated me and I decided to try to go to bed. Of course all the weird gut stuff and headache triggered the MS, and the room started spinning and I had shooting pain in both legs. It was crazy. By the middle of the night I was contemplating the ER.

I was able to get about two hours of sleep and that really helped with the MS symptoms, but the stomach and heart stuff continued. Nilaja helped me get dressed and Sophia took me to the hospital for the infusion. As soon as I arrived and started talking to Carol, she decided not to do the infusion. At first I was upset, but she was right. Last night was seriously awful and I would rather lose the vision than have the stomach pain. She took my vitals and we spoke with Dr. F, he agreed completely, Carol took out the IV hookup, and I came home.

And as soon as I walked in the door, the vomiting started. Fuck. I called Dr. F and he suggested I eat some bland foods (rice, corn, melon) and if I continue to vomit I can get some pepcid and the pink stuff. I've been eating frozen corn and my tummy didn't like that, but I'm going to try and give it some time, try to take a nap, and see how I feel later before I take more medicine.

That's where I am now. My eyesight has not improved, my tummy is killing me, and I can't keep any food down. Also, it seems that the Solumedrol increases urine, which would explain the TWO accidents yesterday. That isn't particularly relevant except to explain why life sucks today and resting is difficult with me up running to the restroom every hour. I need to get me some diapers.

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