Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Getting worse

The Mrs. and I like to go to the fitness center to use the treadmills when she get home from work. Yesterday was like every other day until 5 minutes in when I noticed some weirdness with the bush outside the window. I kept staring and finally checked my eyes. First I covered the right and everything looked normal. I could see all the leaves and their veins, even little water droplets. Then I cover the left and my jaw dropped. I looked out the window and everything was in shades of gray with the same dark line bisecting my vision. I was stunned. I immediately stopped the treadmill, sat down, and called Dr. F. I left a message for him since he was with a patient and came back up to the apartment (I don't like crying in public).

My eye has not changed and I did not hear back from Dr. F. I'm really freaked out and terrified that my vision loss will end up permanent. I spent last night researching ON and polling all the MS groups that I know to see how they were treated and what kind of results they saw. Everyone said they were treated with intravenous steroids for 3 days and then put on the oral Prednisone taper afterward. Everyone who did this saw results immediately and were back to "normal" after the first 3 days. I only found negative information when I researched doing just the oral taper to treat the ON. I guess there are more chances that it will reoccur. No thank you. There were a few people who didn't treat their ON and spent a few weeks to a few months to recover. I'm not willing to chance it.

So, the plan is, get up and dressed before the offices open. Call the ophthalmologist and try to get an appointment today. Call Dr. F and try to see him today. And if none of them have any answers or suggestions, maybe try the hospital. It is my vision that we're talking about!

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