Wednesday, June 24, 2009


I don't want to bore you with more late night ramblings about how I can't sleep, but when I'm sitting here in the dark hoping to get just a few decent hours, I can't help but come here. This weird sleep pattern is kicking my butt. I am not getting the quality or quantity of sleep that I need and my body reflects that. Today was a pain and fatigue day. Every move I made sent bolts of pain shooting through my body and to make matters worse, I'm pretty sure I pinched a nerve or pulled a muscle in my shoulder. So sad.

I was able to rest for most of the day today and since I've been keeping up with the cleaning and cooking, there was no anxiety about the condition of our place. I was hoping the rest and having a mellow day would encourage some sleep tonight, but no dice. And what's worse, I can't rest tomorrow because I have a bunch of errands to run (go pick up my vitamins, finally do the blood test, go to the bank). I guess there's always Friday.

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