Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Yesterday, Last Night, This Morning

I'm so tired people. So very very tired. Yesterday at midnight, I was woken up so they could attach fluids to my IV. The plan was to have me met the gastroenterologist early and hopefully get set up to do an upper-endoscopy, so I had to fast starting at midnight. This isn't a problem since I am usually asleep by 10 pm. Setting up the fluids didn't take long and I went right back to sleep. Then four hours later, the nurses came in to take blood and get our vitals. This visit was definitely more intrusive than most visits, but I'm pretty sure I got back to sleep eventually. But not for long.

My next visit was from Angela the physical therapist at 8 am. I really like her and we work well together, but 8 am sucked. We worked together for 30 minutes and then I got up to do my sponge bath and put on fresh gowns. As soon as I was done, it was time to meet with the occupational therapist. This was the first time I'd met with her, so I had to go ove my history again and once again get chastised for the way I challenge myself on the treadmill. UGH, I WILL DO LESS. This woman was also vey concerned with me buying stuff like a commode, new chairs, a shower bench, a grabber, and a few other things. We'll see what happens there because I'm am so broke and trying not to think of the charges I'm racking up here. After she left, the chaos began.

I quickly met with a gastro who felt around my gut for a bit before agreeing that I needed the endoscopy. I thought I had a little time before that was going to happen, but the next thing I knew, I was being prepped for surgery and getting ushered into the basement. I was so tired and drifting off the whole time. At some point, I'd thought I'd quickly nodded off while they were setting me up, but I woke up and they were down. Apparently I didn't go to sleep when I thought I'd had because I was still talking to them and was alert when I swallowed the camera. I was also alert enough to warm him that I'm very sensitive to medication, so when he went to put me to sleep, he didn't need to put in a lot. This happened just before they sprayed my throat, I swallowed the camera, and then he put me to sleep.

As soon as they took me to recovery, I was told that my new neuro Dr. Cooper had ordered an Evoked Potential test for my eyes and they were taking me there once my vitals stabilized. That pissed me off. I didn't know what the test was, I was exhausted, and I like to take an active role in my healthcare. I hate that Dr. C is much more take charge and doesn't think to discuss things with me or even tell me about them. Yes, you are a doctor, but this is my body and I want to know what you're doing to it. Luckily, the test is completely benign and is commonly down when diagnosing MS. It took about an hour total and then I was back to bed.

And suprise, suprise, my previous roommate was gone. That made me a little sad, but my nurse found out that she was safely in a different area of the hospital so I could relax. I pulled back the divider curtain, ordered some solid food, and settled in to having a great evening. Not so fast, my paradise was quickly lost when they wheeled in a rather loud woman with rectal bleeding. This I know becuase it was being shouted on the other side of the curtain. I should have known that it would only get louder and more obnoxious as time went on. I did all my treatments (including the second dose of steroids) and then shut off the tv to settle in. I took my sleeping aid and a full dose of pain medicine and went out immediately. Then, the chaos in the next bed woke me up. There was shouting of bitches and why don't you love me? Then "is that blood coming from your rectum?!" "I need to check my blood sugar!" Constant pressing of the call button and then deciding not to answer so the nurse would scream hello into the intercomm 2-3 times before coming in the room. There were request for benadryl becaus she's allergic to the pain medicne, but didn't want to try a different one. Then, they started doing the transfusion which meant non-stop action until 5:30 am. I think I got 2 hours of sleep last night. My head is pounding.

I think I get discharged to the rehab facility today, but I'm not sure. If not today than tomorrow. I'm actually hoping for tomorrow so I can try to get some sleep in today after the therapy appointments, doctors, and my last steroid infusion. Fingers crossed.

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