Monday, June 8, 2009

1 down 2 to go

The Solumedrol infusion went very smoothly. The nurse, Carol, was super sweet, informative, and thorough. I felt so comforted with her. My friend Sophia chaperoned the whole event and keep me laughing and talking. Carol was also really open and inclusive with her, which is rare but made us both happy. Carol also suggested I bring the same friend each time so that she can help track changes and reactions, and Sophia was more than happy to oblige. I was there for about two hours if we include registration and all the orientation stuff, but the time flew by. Since my veins were being really wonky, I asked her to leave the hookup in my arm, so tomorrow whe just needs to hook up the bag.

Unfortunately, I haven't had any symptom relief yet. That's a little frustrating, but expected. I do have the weird bitter metalllic taste that is common with taking steroids, but it's not too bad. Most food covers it and I've been sucking on Werther's in the interim. The nurse also suggested that this would make me want to eat and that is definitely happening, despite my post-meal nausea. I'm hoping to just head to bed soon, so I don't spend the whole evening munching. Surprisingly, I don't have excessive amounts of energy and am quite exhausted. That just another reason why the bed is calling my name. (It's also why this whole post is poorly formatted and more me just running off the details than explaining the day.)

Oh, we did my fifth injection today and instead of me doing it on my belly, Nilaja did it in the back of my left arm. I've gotten really good and fast at it, so the whole injection process is painless (literally and figuratively).

There is one strange thing that I need to keep track of, I'm running a fever. It's low-grade, but I had it this morning and also before my injection. I'll stay on top of that and contact my doctors if it doesn't go away, but I'm not worrying about it yet.

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