Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I'm currently sitting in bed watching American Idol, eating lemon sorbet with fresh strawberries, and feeling rather content. Yesterday was a pretty big day, it was my 25th birthday and my last day of work. Yep, the original plan was to stay until the end of the month, but this change of plans was probably better for everyone. I'm such a control freak and having someone else in my space, moving things around, and changing my setup was stressing me out. It was chaos and when combined with my MS-chaos, meant low productivity and me getting sicker. The downside of ending earlier is that our home wasn't ready for me to rest and I spent most of the day unpacking and cleaning. I got most of the stuff done and hopefully will be able to sit still next week.

Actually, I'm hoping to be able to rest by Thursday. I didn't properly prepare for my injection last week and had the night from hell! I was at home the whole day, so I didn't think to drink water. It's so important. When it came time to do the injection (I did it around 5:15 instead of after 6), I remembered to take something beforehand, but couldn't find the Aleve and opted for 2 Tylenol. That did not work at all. I took a second dose at bedtime and it was like I hadn't taken anything at all. I obviously underestimated flu-like symptoms, because I didn't think to really look for the Aleve and thought I could tough it out. I couldn't. I had a fever with sweating, chills, and body aches until 3 am when I decided I needed to sleep and that would only happen if I took an Aleve. I will never be too lazy to look for it again. Just 15 minutes after taking one little blue pill I was able to sleep.

I won't make those mistakes this week. I have to be 100% (or as close as possible) for the weekend. We have the MS walk on Saturday and I'm so excited. I'm pretty sure I'll have to sit it out thanks to my physical condition and this weather (oy the heat!), but my team, Chris' Crew, is still walking. If you would like to donate, please follow the links on the right and give $5, $10, or more to support the National MS Society.

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