Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Even further downhill

My pain has sky-rocketed. It started about 30 minutes after getting some blood drawn yesterday. We were walking toward the car when the pain hit. It felt like I was covered in lighter fluid and had just stuck my toes in a campfire. The burning pain traveled rapidly up my body and even my eyes hurt. In addition, I had pins and needles running around my body and periods of sharp shocking pain going up my legs and from shoulder to fingertip.

But the worst part was when the hypersensitivity started. We were on the highway when it happened and I thought I was dying. Anything that touched my skin felt like sand paper. Well, not anything. When I tried to wash my hands, it felt like acid and I nearly lost my lunch.

That extreme pain has calmed quite a bit, but I still hurt so much that I'm nauseated and dizzy. I tried to go to work this morning, but after an hour of sitting in my chair, I was doubled over crying in pain again. Once my eyes went blurry and my typing became unreadable, my wife came to get me. Things are so bad today that she didn't feel comfortable leaving me home alone and she took the day off to care for me. I am so grateful because I there is no way I would have been able to care for myself today.

I also finally made the decision to listen to my doctor and stop working. These episodes are becoming more severe and are completely unpredictable. I need to rest and stop risking my health this way. I am just now starting the application process.

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