Thursday, April 16, 2009

Change of plans

I still haven't learned to expect the unexpected from my MS. At some point I'll learn to anticipate the waves of pain. I'd planned to do a "Day in the Life of Chris" photo journal today, but it's not gonna happen. I woke up feeling a little off and moving really slowly. We made it to the fitness center for our morning workout, though it was more difficult than yesterday. Actually, it was more difficult than most days. By the time we made our way back up to the apartment the pain was at an 8. Now I'm having waves of pain and tingling going from my feet to shoulders. My head is still fairly clear, but getting up at 4:30 am will probably start to weigh me down soon. So, instead of doing lots of chores and fun stuff, I'm spending the day in bed. I'll have to postpone the photo post until next week.

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