Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I feel like writing

Today has been a busy day for me on the internet. I spent a good deal of time working on the layout for the blog and added my new Twitter account as well as links to our Facebook profiles. Please feel free to friend us on either or both.

I've also been looking for the tub transfer bench because I'm really looking forward to taking a shower and not stressing about falling. THESE THINGS ARE EXPENSIVE. Geez! They go as high as $250 on some sites, depending on style, material, and weight capacity. I would prefer a bench that has two legs outside the tub and two legs in, which will allow me to safely sit down then move my legs in one at a time. Some benches are designed where you step into the tub then sit, but the times when I usually slip is getting in and out. Anyway, I posted a few places looking for a second hand bench. Since the seats are plastic, I can always wash down a used bench and feel perfectly safe. Here's what I posted:

Hi, I'm newly disabled and in need of a tub transfer bench. I prefer the kind with two legs outside the tub but if you have one with all four legs in the tub, I may be interested. New models can cost as much as $250, which is not covered by insurance and not in the budget as I'm not working (due to my disability). If you have any information or a bench that you'd like to get off your hands, please respond off-list. I'm in Oakland near the lake. Also, if you are willing to deliver or ship, you get bonus points and I will reimburse any expenses. Thanks.

I did get one response from a woman who has one that's been in her backyard for a bit that she'll let me have. I may take her up on the offer if it has metal legs, but I'm still holding out for one that has been treated a little more gently. Though, as my mother always says, beggers can't be choosey.

I also splurged and bought this wheeled laundry basket because it was 25% off and I really do need some help on laundry days. Carrying that basket back and forth down the hall is draining. I'll let you all know how it feels once it arrives and I have another big laundry day.


  1. You might try Enter your city, state and zip code and post a Wanted post. Freecycle (in case you don't know) is a site where people post for free stuff. Many are offers of free stuff, but people in need post WANTED posts and then explain what they want/need. All items are totally free, you just have to spend the gas to go pick up your item. I get alot of used items for the house - I got my walker (needed an adjustable one and had no insurance) and walker basket (goes for $30!!!) totally free and about 5 miles from home.

    Give it a try, you might be surprised.


  2. Hi Anne,

    Thank you for mentioning Freecycle. I am not a member of our local group (it's set up through a yahoo group), but someone posted my request there for me. As you've mentioned, Freecycle is an amazing resource and you can get a range of things. I also highly recommend it!