Thursday, July 2, 2009

Still in the hospital

But hopefully not for long. I tried to get discharged last night after my last infusion but Dr. C wouldn't release me. I told her that I was walking more normally and my pain levels were down, but she didn't care. I was really bummed, but Dr. knows best. She wanted me to keep my mind open about rehab (there wasn't a bed for me yesterday and then they started having trouble with my insurance, so I was ready to give up on that possibility) and also remember that I was really sick when I came in here and just because I'm feeling better doesn't mean I'm well. On top of being just ready to go home, I was worried that I wouldn't get to sleep and another night of staring at the walls and curtains would drive me wild, but I slept soundly. I needed that. It's also helped me reconsider rehab and if they offer me a bed there I'm going to take it.

This was a really difficult decision for me. I really miss being at home, and having my things, and my routine, and sleeping next to my wife. I've never liked change and after 6 days of being in a foreign environment, I'm getting mighty antsy. But I'm gonna suck it up and do what's best for my body and my family. I can't shrug my shoulders this time, I need to get as close to 100% because it's not just me. Oy, I hate being an adult.

As far as my health is concerned, I'm doing a lot better. My leg pain is low, my stomach pain is manageable, and my strength is getting better. I can walk short distances unassisted and even went all the way down the hall yesterday without getting tired. My vision hasn't gotten back to 100%, but I'm pretty sure the haze is getting lighter. Phew. Things are getting better, I like that.

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