Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Exercising again

For the first time since the flare-up, I made it down to the Fitness Center to workout. We wake up at 4:30 to get ready and workout from 5-5:30. It's a really invigorating way to start the day. Today I decided to take it easy and did the stationary bike instead of the treadmill. Well, the decision was made for me since I'm still having a hard time walking unaided and holding onto the treadmill rails isn't enough. Plus, the physical and occupational therapists at the hospital believe I was over-doing things on the treadmill and recommended I take a break and try the bike for a while. I tried and even though I know it's a gentler workout, I could not do a full 30 minutes. Actually, I could hardly make it through 12 minutes before I had to stop and rest. I spent the remaining time hopping from machine to machine reminding myself that I was completely spent and done working out for the day.

I did manage to do some weights, but my shoulder is really too screwed up for me to lift any real weight. I know it's important to try to do some kind of workout on my arms, so I also do light weights in the apartment as well as an exercise with my cane that the home physical therapist taught during his visit. Did I ever write about his guy? I don't think so. Well, my new home physical therapist is Gordon from Nightingale Nursing. He is a nice guy with a thick and hard to discern accent and repetitive speech pattern. Which I liked because at times I had a hard time picking up what he was saying, though maybe he could see that in my over emotive face and knew I wasn't understanding.

During our first visit (Friday afternoon) we went over my exhaustive list of prescriptions and supplements and determined some of the equipment that I'll need to make my life a little easier. He pretty much echoed what the hospital PT and OT suggested, I need a tub transfer bench, a grabber so that I'm not doing to much reaching and bending (which can cause falls), a cart to carry laundry, and a bedside commode. While I agree with most of the suggestions, I refuse to buy a commode and would rather wear a diaper and take my chances getting to the bathroom, at least for now. The hospital OT gave me a catalog I can order from and Gordon is also checking on wholesale prices for me. I haven't acquired anything yet, but I know I at least want to get the transfer bench because taking a shower without slipping or worrying about slipping would be really nice.

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