Friday, July 10, 2009

I'm really excited!

Today is a really exciting day for me. First, I'm going to get my hair cut in preparation for the wedding. I want to get it cut into a long layered bob with bangs. Second, someone has a transfer bench for me and it's the exact kind that I wanted. She says it's a little dirty, but I don't mind scrubbing it down. Phew, this is such a relief and I can't wait to get in the shower and shave my legs! I'm so happy, that I'm doing a little dance. It's a good day.

Another really good development is about wheelchairs. My family is coming to for the wedding and next Friday we're planning a trip to the Oakland Zoo. I've been very excited for this because we LOVE zoos. During my childhood we would go to the zoo, usually Brookfield near Chicago, twice a year. I haven't been since leaving for college. The only problem is that zoos require walking. This is a major issue because my walking stamina, even with the crutches, is at most 3 blocks. I figured I could use a zoo wheelchair for the day. Unfortunately, I called the Oakland Zoo to inquire about wheelchair rentals and they don't have them. Ugh! However, I emailed one of the many list-servs that I subscribe to and I have leads on three different local places where I may be able to rent a chair for the day. Woot!

The only downside is that I'm sleepy and tired. I tried the new sleeping pill last night. It worked very well, but only for 8 hours. 8 hours after I took the pill, I woke up. I feel the way I do on the insomnia days, exhausted but wide awake. Oy! I just want a good night of restful sleep. The interesting part of this is that last night I had dreams. Very vivid, fascinating dreams and I usually don't dream when I take sleeping pills. So I guess the experience wasn't all that bad.

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