Tuesday, July 7, 2009

How I'm doing

I haven't had a clear moment to update yet, but I wanted to let you all know that I'm healing pretty well. Yesterday we visited the new neuro's office and met with her MS-certified nurse practitioner, Lynn. It was a really great visit and the differences between their office and Dr. F's office were pretty big.

First, this is a big office. Not only are their several doctors, nurses, and office staff, but the physical space is huge. I was in awe of the high ceilings and all the space to sit and wait. The office is also completely wired (technologically), so Lynn could press a few keys and see everything that happened at the hospital. I was initially turned off by this because I'm old school and will never give up my pen and paper. But, it was also really great that I could go in to see her and she already knew what I'd been through and all the doctors and therapists' opinions. This made for a comprehensive visit and exam, and she didn't have to "take my word for it" when it came to my 6 days in the hospital (expecially good since I was pretty doped the whole time).

I really liked Lynn and her way of talking me through the exam. I finally understand all the tests that the neuro's do, as well as my results. I had no idea that my vibratory response was so greatly decreased, but now I know. All in all, she believes that it will take at least 4 weeks after the steroids to heal, if I'm going to heal. We are optimistic and I've already seen some improvement in my eyes and legs.

Speaking of my eyes and legs, I'm doing pretty well. I still need the Lofstrand crutches to get around, but the strength in my legs is coming back and the numbness is only in my feet. My right eye is improving. I still can't see color and have a blind spot, but the dark cloud is less dark (I would say lighter, but that doesn't feel right). My biggest issue is fatigue. I am so tired. I've been fatigues before, but I feel like I hit the wall a lot sooner than I did before getting sick. I still can't sleep though, but Lynn did give me a prescription for something stronger than the Ativan. She also gave me some samples for a new pain med to add to the routine and I'm hoping it starts to take the edge off some of the pain I feel.

All in all, I'm doing pretty well. The wedding is less than 12 days away and I'm incredibly excited for it. No anxiety or stress at all. I'm just really happy and looking forward to the event.

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