Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Life is good.

I had a rough day. Woke up in striking amounts of pain and then after the workout, took a nap and slept until 11:34. I really hate when I sleep past 9 am. It's not that I have anything to be awake for, but I still don't like sleeping all day. The worst part is that I had to force myself to wake up at 11:34 and couldn't get out of bed until after 12. Argh!! I only managed to stay awake (mouth open staring off into space) long enough to eat and take my first dose of medicine. Then back to bed.

Normally, a day like today would have me depressed and worried that I'm having a huge set back. But other than being annoyed, I'm OK with it. I was obviously tired and overworked from all the cleaning yesterday, so I needed to sleep. Tomorrow will be better. Actually, this evening has already been better. I'm in an oddly good mood and loving it.

You know, usually when I'm in the moment and I feel the pain or I start feeling fatigued, I suddenly get really down and depressed about it. I forget that the symptoms, at least for me, fluctuate in severity. I may feel like crap today, but if I rest and take care of myself, tomorrow or the next day will be better. Now I just have to remember that during the bad times. Or keep working at not overworking myself and causing these bad days.

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