Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Post nap rambling

Today was indeed a bad day. I learned the taking the bus when I'm exhausted and already feeling off is a baaaad idea. A very bad idea. By the time I reached my destination I was so nauseated. All the bouncing and jostling on the bus was no good for my brain. And made it to work OK, but the longer I sat there trying to work, the sicker I felt. Everything I needed to do required precision and accuracy, so I finally gave up and my wife happily brought me home. And now I'm on the couch again.

I'm starting to appreciate the couch. I spend too much time here to have so much hate for it. I'm learning to sleep here and it's easier to navigate than my wife's princess bed (which I sort of vault into) when the pain is bad. Unfortunately, the couch still isn't my favorite place to sit. It's too low and squishy, which makes standing tricky. Not too bad unless I'm rushing to the bathroom.

Speaking of bathroom, I had a close call last night. I was on the floor in the living room watching tv, when I got that strong urge. I started to do the dance and remembered that I can't wait, especially when I haven't taken a bladder pill. So I jumped up and ran to the bathroom. I just made it. Oh, I get there, do my business, and was startled to see that it was a weird neon yellow-ish green. I almost screamed and then realized it was probably the new vitamins I started. Ha!

I dont' think I talked about the vitamins yet. I take 4 of a multivitamin, 3 of a vitamin D, a tbsp of Fish Oils, and a sublingual B12. Plus, I'm still doing sublingual iron drops every other day. That's all in addition to the little blue bladder pills and my weekly injections. Did I remember to write earlier that my injection site from last week still hurts? It does and I don't know why. I don't know if it's normal or not, but it isn't bruised or rashed. It doesn't really bother me unless I poke it. WHICH I'M TRYING TO STOP DOING, THANK YOU VERY MUCH. Sorry about the caps, I just know everyone is yelling for me to stop poking it. I mean, I keep telling myself to stop poking it, but if I don't poke it then I can't check to see if it's sore or not.

And now I shall eat dinner.

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