Friday, September 25, 2009

In the Hospital again

Hi Folks,

This is Nilaja. Chris wanted me to let y'all know that she is back in the hospital. Around 7:30pm last night she called me into the bedroom and said "I can't see." Her vision has completely left her. The neuro on call told her to go to the emergency room and she was admitted into the hospital around 12:30ish.

Right now we don't know how long she's going to be in the hospital. They are running a lot of test and we'll know in a day or two the results and the course of treatment.

Chris is holding up well especially when they give her pain medication and she can sleep. Feel free to call her on her cellphone (text messages and emails are nice, but she can't see them). She has the cellphone with her at the hospital.


  1. Chris, I love ya and hope you come through this spell quickly.

  2. Not good, sounds like a nasty optic neuritis attack. Hoping the best for you...I know that steroids had given you a little trouble in the past, but it is the best way to combat ON. *hugs*

  3. Hi Patrisha,

    Sorry I haven't updated the blog yet. I guess I forget that everyone doesn't follow me on Facebook. I was discharged for the hospital yesterday and am doing a lot better. Not 100%, but nothing that a few days of rest can't handle.